Power to the powder.

Experience the healing powers of nature in a tasty, convenient drink mix.

Picked, powdered, packed

Benefits of powder

  • Vs. pills

    No gelatin or harsh encapsulations - our drinks don't need to be broken down and are more quickly absorbed into the blood stream.

  • Vs. juice

    Juices are often packed with 20-50g of sugar, not shelf stable, and often lack the diverse range of plants, adaptogens, & vitamins in Feel Goods.

  • Vs. other brands

    Our mixes don't focus on one or two ingredients for "magical relief". We go much deeper. Each blends uses a combination of natural remedies that work in synergy to give you the full-spectrum support you need.

Meet the experts

Our list of no no's

  • Artificial ingredients

    Say goodbye to fake ingredients, GMO's, and preservatives.

  • Sugar or fake sweeteners

    All our mixes are zero sugar, and never flavored with artificial sweeteners.

  • Dyes/colors

    Never any artificial coloring - the colors you see in our drinks are from real fruits in plants!

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