5 Reasons Why Hydration Hero is Vital For Alcohol Detox & Your Liver.

Meet the viral electrolyte mix - for detoxing, restoring liver health, and beating hangovers.

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1. Detox Your Liver

DHM (from Raisin Tree) is a natural compound used for hundreds of years to mitigate the effects of alcohol on the liver. DHM enhances the activity of enzymes that break down alcohol and its toxic byproducts, thereby aiding in the liver's detoxification process. Aloe Vera also contains antioxidants and bioactive properties to help reduce inflammation in the liver.*

2. Rehydrate & Boost Energy

Replenishing electrolytes is vital when drinking alcohol due to its diuretic effect, which leads to increased urination and the loss of essential minerals. Electrolytes are crucial for hydration, nerve function, and natural energy production. Hydration Hero has 1,000mg of electrolytes to help with dehydration, fatigue, & dizziness.*

3. Restore Liver Function & Immunity

Replenishing Vitamin B's after drinking is crucial. They help counteract the negative effects of alcohol on the nervous system and metabolism, assisting in the body's recovery process after alcohol consumption. Vitamin C also helps restore and protect your immune system, which is often impaired while drinking.*

4. Relieve Hangover Symptoms

L-Theanine has calming properties that may help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, countering the jitters or unease often experienced after excessive alcohol consumption. Ginger has anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe an upset stomach and mitigate feelings of nausea or discomfort associated with hangovers.*

5. Enjoy A Tasty Drink

Hydration Hero tastes great and is a smooth balance between salty and sweet. It's 100% Organically Flavored, Zero Sugar, Vegan, Keto, & Non GMO.

Sip before or after a night out, while traveling, or daily to maintain proper hydration.

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Real People & Reviews

  • Tequila's enemy

    "Goodbye hangovers! Wow, loving this for detox. I drink one before I go to bed, and sometimes in the morning if I went a little too hard... and makes a huge difference. No headache, more energy, and don't feel as crappy. The added electrolytes are a huge win.

    Nate S.

  • The best

    "I work out at a gym in the AM and in season, working in costume and moving around night and day, sometimes in 10 hour chunks! Hydration Hero is best tasting, best mixing, and best suited to my daily grind!"

    Jordan L.

  • Drink Every Day

    "Could not be more satisfied with the purchase. I was surprised at how good it tastes and how good I feel since consuming this product. I use this daily to stay beyond hydrated."

    Jake A.

  • My new habit

    "I drink hydration hero every morning on the way to work and feel better than I used to when I'd have coffee every day. I'll also have some when working long hours to help me stay hydrated when I can't have as much water as I'd like to."

    Taylor T.

  • Love this stuff!

    "Great quality and have been using it regularly while playing basketball/volleyball. Definitely helps replenish electrolytes and improve recovery overall!

    Emily N.

  • 3rd order

    "Great product. I use it in combination with Keto diet and is working well. Lots of energy and have reduced my coffee intake by 50%"

    Joanna T.

Rehydrate & Recover

Hydration Blend

1,000mg of electrolytes + organic fruits keep you hydrated and replenish vital minerals.*

Recovery Blend

Magnesium & Aloe Vera help with liver detox and improved performance.*

Replenish Blend

Restore your vitals with a complete trace mineral blend, Vitamin B's, and Vitamin C.*

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