Reset Your Liver in 2024. Here's Why Thousands Use Hydration Hero To Detox And End Hangovers.

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"It's the trifecta for hangover recovery.  Helps me detox, hydrate after a long night of no water, and has a bunch of vitamins. This product smacks." - Jason F.

1. Detoxify Your Liver

DHM (from Raisin Tree) is a natural compound used for hundreds of years to mitigate the effects of alcohol on the liver. DHM enhances the activity of enzymes that break down alcohol and its toxic byproducts, thereby aiding in the liver's detoxification process. Aloe Vera also contains antioxidants and bioactive properties to help reduce inflammation in the liver.

2. Defeat Dehydration

Replenishing electrolytes is vital when drinking alcohol due to its diuretic effect, which leads to increased urination and the loss of essential minerals. Electrolytes are crucial for hydration, nerve function, and muscle contractions. Hydration Hero has 1,000mg of electrolytes to help with dehydration, fatigue, & dizziness.*

3. Restore Liver Function & Immunity

Replenishing Vitamin B's after drinking is crucial. They help counteract the negative effects of alcohol on the nervous system and metabolism, assisting in the body's recovery process after alcohol consumption. Vitamin C also helps restore and protect your immune system, which is often impaired while drinking.*

4. Relieve Hangover Symptoms

L-Theanine has calming properties that may help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, countering the jitters or unease often experienced after excessive alcohol consumption. Ginger has anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe an upset stomach and mitigate feelings of nausea or discomfort associated with hangovers.*

5. Enjoy Tasty & Fruity Flavors

Hydration Hero tastes great and is a smooth balance between salty and sweet. It's 100% organically flavored and ZERO sugar, so you can sip worry free. Enjoy a mix before or after (or both!) your last alcoholic drink to stay protected.

The Most Advanced Alcohol Recovery Mix

Hydration Hero™

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Detox & Rehydrate

Detox Blend

DHM and Aloe Vera assist in metabolizing alcohol and detoxing your liver.*

Hydration Blend

1,000mg of electrolytes + coconut water keep you hydrated and replenishes vital minerals.*

Recovery Blend

Restore your vitals with Vitamin B Complex + Vitamin C to recharge and stay protected.*

Zero sugar




No artificial sweeteners

Made in 


Hydration You Can Trust

"Went out last night and had a mix when I got home (late, hah!). Was definitely less hungover than I would've been without this."

"This gave me the hydration I desperately needed... AND it helps detox your liver."

"Tasty and love that there's no sugar!! Been a lifesaverrrr for my liver and my next morning."

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Over 200,000 Sipped!

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