5 Reasons Gut Guardian Supports Gut Health Better Than Kombucha. And Keeps Selling Out.

500,000+ Mixes Sold

"Gut Guardian has single-handedly improved my gut health while also being a refreshing treat! I'm more regular, less bloated, and don't feel any discomfort now!

- Kylie R.

1. It Contains Probiotic Sources Clinically Proven To Improve Gut Health

A diverse, beneficial mix of gut flora can enhance digestion, prevent harmful bacterial overgrowth, clear acne and boost immunity.

While Kombucha has an undetermined level of probiotics, Gut Guardian contains 4 billion live colony-forming units (CFU) from three different probiotic strains: L. acidophillus, L. rhamnosus and B. longum. Meticulously sourced for their ability to improve gut health, clinical studies repeatedly give credibility to these strains. 

2. Probiotics Aren’t Enough! Enter Prebiotic Fiber

In order to optimize your gut health, quality probiotic strains should be taken in tandem with prebiotics. Prebiotics are the “food” probiotics need to proliferate in your body. Gut Guardian uses time-tested and organic sources like acacia, jerusalem artichoke and chicory root to fuel the uptake of probiotics within your body. Plus fiber promotes healthy bowel movements and less straining on the toilet.

3. Kombucha is Expensive & Filled with Sugar

Gut Guardian can cost you as little as $1.22 per day. A modest price when you consider that a store-bought kombucha is $5 or more, isn’t proven to support digestive health and is usually packed with 10g or more of sugar. Gut Guardian is ZERO sugar and flavored with monk fruit and fruit juice for a stomach-friendly treat.

4. It Stops You From Bloating After Every Meal

Bloating can be caused by eating too much or too fast, stress or food intolerances.. It can also be a sign of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)—a common but impermanent condition that around 15% of American adults experience. Gut Guardian is formulated with lemon balm to alleviate bloating. It works by relaxing your digestive muscles to reduce gas production, soothe inflammation and calm the nervous system.

5. It Repairs Your Digestive Tract And "Leaky Gut"

Gut Guardian is formulated with L-glutamine, an amino acid proven to regenerate tissue, including the lining of your digestive tract, which is crucial for nutrient absorption and barrier function. When it becomes damaged, it can lead to "leaky gut syndrome", in which the tight bonds between cells become loose, allowing toxins and undigested food particles to leak into the bloodstream.

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Why Gut Guardian?

Full Gut Support

Nourish a healthy microbiome with a synbiotic blend of prebiotics and probiotics.*

Digestive Blend

Experience regular, smooth digestion with a combination of organic fiber along with Ginger and Lemon Balm for bloat relief.*

Restorative Blend

Apple Cider Vinegar & L-glutamine work together restore microbiome balance while repairing a leaky gut.*

Zero sugar

No artificial sweeteners

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The Reviews Are In!

500,000+ mixes enjoyed

"I've been struggling with bloating forever and in less than 3 weeks of using Gut Guardian, my bloating is SO much better!"

"My favorite product for overall gut health. I haven't found another combo of probiotics, fiber, and herbs that works and taste good!"

"I've had major bowel relief that I haven't had for years. I've tried a lot of different routes for my chronic constipation. This is the only one that tastes good, and works consistently."


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