Gut Guardian | 30 Day - Feel Goods

• 4B probiotics + 4g plant fiber
• L-glutamine, Apple cider vinegar, & more
• Gut & digestive health, bloating, & metabolism


Bundle includes:

• 15 packets of Watermelon Mint
• 15 packets of Lemon Ginger
• Free Travel Pack
• Free FG sticker set

Fast US Shipping (3-4 days)

Fast US Shipping (3-4 days)

It’s time to give a crap

  • Support gut

    Nurture good gut bacteria with 4 billion probiotics.*

  • Aid digestion

    Move food easier through your digestive tract.*

  • Poop better

    Feel regular bowel movements with natural fiber.*

  • Feel lighter

    Reduce bloating & gas, while cleansing your colon.*

  • Non GMO



    No sugar

    No artificials

    No additives

    No gluten

    Made in USA

    Gut it from nature

    Enjoy smooth digestion with an all-in-one mix. Our natural ingredients ignite your metabolism for a tighter and happier belly.


    Our fiber is 100% sourced from Jerusalem Artichokes. It’s the food for our probiotics, and it's essential for maintaining regular trips to the bathroom.


    This powerful amino acid nourishes the GI tract, curbs our appetite (especially for sugar and carbohydrates), and supports healthy metabolism.*


    Apple Cider Vinegar is the up and coming star for digestive health. Masking its flavor with real fruits, our mix utilizes ACV for its positive effects with controlling your ideal weight, blood sugar levels, and acid reflux.


    A miracle root used over centuries. Ginger works to treat an upset stomach, increase movement through the digestive tract, and promotes more efficient digestion.*


    These seeds are used as a carminative to assist with reducing bloating and gas. They’re also helpful in boosting metabolism and increasing circulation in the body.*

    L. Acidophilus

    This is the largest genus of the lactic acid bacteria group. We use this strain of probiotic to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut.*

    L. Rhamnosus

    This is one of the most widely used probiotic strains. It’s been shown to help GI infections and diarrhea, plus stimulate immune response.*

    B. Longum

    This strain naturally colonizes our GI tract and is essential for maintaining healthy digestion.*

    Prevent cell damage

    Prevent cell damage

    Prevent cell damage

    Prevent cell damage

    “This feels different”

    • Gut Guardian
    • Metamucil
    • Kombucha

    4B Probiotics

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Anti-bloating Blend

    Zero Added Sugar

    Non GMO & Vegan

    Everyone’s new gut feeling

    The Experts The Process Ways to Enjoy

    Gut Guardian uses clinically researched ingredients to promote gut and digestive health.

    Tanja is a Holistic Health Practitioner and a PhD Doctorate in Natural Health Sciences, while Paula is a leading expert in plant-based nutrition. They work in tandem with our founders to craft our efficacious, delicious, and healthy mixes.

    Our natural blend of roots & herbs is dried and powdered. This process maintains nutritional integrity while increasing shelf life.

    Gut Guardian is manufactured in the USA, produced in a cGMP Certified facility, and undergoes strict label + microbial testing.

    Getting your daily dose of nutrition shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should feel good.

    That’s why our mix is crafted for deliciousness and versatility. Enjoy Gut Guardian as a drink or blend it with your favorites.

    Asked & answered

    • What are the ingredients?

      Active ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, L-glutamine, ginger, cardamom, probiotics, Jerusalem artichoke.
      Other ingredients: fruit juice powder, silicon dioxide, natural flavors, citric acid, monk fruit. Depending on the flavor, also: turmeric, peppermint, beet root.

    • Is this a laxative?

      Nope! This product is not designed for immediate bowel movement. Our natural blend helps to improve gut and digestive health, resulting in more regular trips to the bathroom.

    • What's the recommended usage?

      Mix with 8-12oz of water. We recommend to drink one packet daily for optimal gut health, and for at least 10 days to notice results. Besides water, our community loves Gut Guardian in smoothies, yogurt, and more.

    • Safe with other products?

      Gut Guardian is safe to take with other supplements and over the counter medications. However, we encourage you to double check with your physician before adding our product to your regimen.

    • Safe while pregnant?

      Gut Guardian is generally safe to take during pregnancy. However, we suggest that you also speak with your physician.

    • More questions? Text us

      Ask us anything by texting AMA to (844) 685-0869, or email We'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

    • Is refrigeration required?

      Nope! Our product is shelf stable for up to 18 months at regular, ambient temperature.

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