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Gut Guardian

Meet the guardian of your gut galaxy. Nourish your gut and digestive health with a blend of probiotics, fiber, herbs & more.

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Get complete gut support

  • Support digestion

    Stay regular & relieve discomfort.*

  • Restore microbiome

    Nurture good gut bacteria with 4 billion probiotics.*

  • Reduce bloating

    Get a tighter belly & cleanse your colon.*

  • Control weight

    Feel fuller & support healthy blood sugar levels.*

  • Non GMO



    Zero Sugar

    No Artificials

    No Additives

    No Gluten or Dairy

    Made in California

    Enhance digestion with functional plants

    This refreshing mix is nutritionist formulated. Each ingredient targets a specific part of your gut to help heal & flourish from within.

    Pre + Probiotics

    We use 4 Billion CFUs from three of the most widely researched probiotic strains. These live micro-organisms are coupled with organic prebiotics to add restore your gut gut microbiome.


    Organic and soluble fiber that reduces constipation, aids with healthy blood sugar levels, and helps suppress appetite. It's also easier on the stomach compared to other fiber sources, like Psyllium Husk.*

    Jerusalem Artichoke

    Organic prebiotic fiber eases digestion and any discomfort. It also works to improve regularity and keep you from getting backed up.*

    Chicory Root

    Organic fiber that helps regulate blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy heart. This prebiotic also acts as food for probiotics, or the good bacteria in your gut.*

    Lemon Balm

    This organic plant is used as a carminative to assist with reducing bloating and gas. It's also helpful in relieving stress and promoting better sleep.*


    Glutamine is a powerful amino acid that helps to restore and maintain a healthy gut barrier, which is essential for repairing leaky gut.*


    A miracle root used over centuries. Organic Ginger works to treat upset stomach, increase movement through the digestive tract, and promotes more efficient digestion.*


    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is naturally acidic, and helps with everything from digestion, to gut health and appetite.*

    Ultra clean. Ultra nutritious.

    Protect your GI tract with a tasty, yet mighty blend of organic plants and herbs.

    Everyone's new gut feeling

    The Experts The Process Why It Matters

    Gut Guardian uses clinically researched ingredients to promote gut and digestive health. It's intended only for adults ages 18 and up.

    Dr. Johnston is a Holistic Health Practitioner from Harvard, with a PhD Doctorate in Natural Health Sciences. And Paula is a leading expert in plant-based nutrition. They work closely with our founders to craft our efficacious & natural mixes.

    Our natural blend of herbs & plants is dried and powdered. This process maintains nutritional integrity while increasing shelf life.

    Gut Guardian is manufactured in California in our cGMP Certified facility. Every batch undergoes strict label + microbial testing.

    A healthy gut not only aids in efficient digestion and optimal nutrient absorption, but it also houses a significant portion of the immune system.

    Furthermore, research has highlighted the gut-brain connection, illustrating how a well-maintained gut contributes to improved mental health, cognitive function, and even mood regulation, underscoring its holistic influence on overall well-being.

    Asked & answered

    • What are the ingredients?

      Active ingredients: 4B CFU Probiotics, Organic Acacia Senegal, Organic Jerusalem Artichoke, Organic Chicory Root, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Ginger, Organic Lemon Balm, L-Glutamine.
      Other ingredients: Fruit Juice, Organic Natural Flavors, Monk Fruit, Silicon Dioxide. Additional ingredients depending on the flavor.

    • What's the recommended usage?

      FIRST add powder to shaker bottle or tall glass. Add 8oz or more of water. Shake or use electric whisk to mix until contents dissolve.
      Enjoy before meals. Start with 1 packet daily and increase as needed. May feel temporary discomfort as your body adjusts to the fiber.

    • Is this like a laxative?

      No! This product is not designed for explosive bowel movement. Our organic fiber helps to improve gut and digestive health, resulting in more regular trips to the bathroom.

    • Where's the research?

      Our ingredients are chosen based on medical research and clinical studies, and in partnership with our team of homeopathic experts. We believe in harnessing mother nature, not prescription drugs, to naturally heal the mind and body.

    • Who can drink Gut Guardian?

      Gut Guardian is designed for adults ages 18 and up. It's also generally safe to take during pregnancy, however, as a precaution we'd suggest speaking with your physician.

    • How's the mix flavored?

      We use a blend of fruit juice, organic flavoring, and a dash of monk fruit. There is ZERO added sugar, stevia, or erythritol! All of our flavoring is 100% Non GMO, Vegan, and without any added artificial ingredients.

    • Can this replace my probiotic?

      Absolutely! Gut Guardian uses 4 billion live probiotics, from 3 of the most widely researched strains. And unlike other probiotics, this mix includes 4g of organic prebiotics. This is the food source for probiotics and essential for maintaining a healthy gut.*

    • More questions? Text us

      Ask us anything by texting AMA to (844) 685-0869, or email hi@feelgoods.co. We'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

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    Great Daily Addition

    Definitely helped with overall gut health. Really cut down on bloating throughout the day.

    Rated 4 out of 5
    Bowel Movements 💩
    Rated 2 on a scale of minus 2 to 2, where minus 2 is Backed Up, 0 is Infrequent and 2 is I'm regular
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