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1. Support Your Immune System

This natural mix is powered by a naturally rich blend of antioxidants. Using Organic Goji Berry, Elderberry, and Astragalus - one drink of Immunity Icon contains essential nutrients to fight free radicals and support cellular health. The range of powerful ingredients used are backed by hundreds of medical publications to give you full spectrum nutrition.*

2. Stay Protected Daily

There's a misconception that to protect against common sickness like cold & flu, you just need Vitamin C. While Immunity Icon has 500mg of Vitamin C, it's NOT all you need for immune protection. It's vital to incorporate ingredients like Organic Ginger plus Turmeric to stimulate immune response and help relieve inflammation.*

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3. Boost Energy & Calm

Every mix of Immunity Icon packs your daily dose of Vitamin B6 and B12, which are 100% methylated for increased bioavailability. These are the building blocks for generating natural energy daily, helping you lower your caffeine intake. Each tasty drink also incorporates adaptogens like Ashwagandha, which help to reduce daily stress - one of the leading factors in a healthy immune system.*

4. Promote Cellular Health

Vitamins A, D, & E + Zinc support cellular functions in multiple ways. Vitamin A aids in tissue development and vision, while our 100% Organic Vitamin D regulates cell growth and supports immune function. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant, protecting cells from damage. And lastly Zinc aids in the production of antibodies, and promoting the activity of enzymes involved in immune response.*

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5. Enjoy a Sugar-Free Drink

This powerful mix not only works, but it tastes delicious. Unlike other artificially flavored drinks, Immunity Icon is a light and refreshing drink that's flavored with real fruits. Sip it cold or as a hot tea!

It's 100% Zero Sugar (no stevia!), Non GMO, Vegan, and free of artificial ingredients. Made for adults ages 18+.

The Cleanest Immune Restoration Mix

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One Drink For Complete Daily Support

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Organic Elderberry

Cold & Flu Defense

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Organic Goji Berry

Antioxidant Boost

A fresh ginger root isolated on a black background.

Organic Ginger

Immune Support

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Organic Astragalus

Immunity Response

Whole and sliced turmeric roots on a white background.


Inflammation Relief

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Organic Vitamin D

Cellular Health

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