Gut Guardian™

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Feel digestive comfort with a deliciously fruity, zero sugar drink mix.

30 on-the-go packets of Gut Guardian

FREE 3-speed electric whisk

Probiotics to keep your gut flourishing

Provides smoother digestion & bloating relief

Supports healthy weight management.

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Strawberry Kiwi

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Your All-in-One Gut Drink

This powerful mix is crafted with nutritionist-approved nutrients to restore your gut. Sip to balance your digestive system & wellbeing.

Daily Synbiotic

Three widely researched live strains of probiotics are paired with prebiotics to support your gut flora & daily health.*

Triple Fiber Blend

Keep your digestion smooth while maintaining regular bowel movement with a combination of organic plant fiber.* 

Digestive Blend

Nobody likes bloating or feeling gassy. Stop tummy discomfort with Ginger, Lemon Balm, & Apple Cider Vinegar.*


Gut Guardian



Fiber Drinks


4g Organic Fiber



4B Live Probiotics



Herbs for Bloating



L-Glutamine for Leaky Gut



Apple Cider Vinegar


< $1.80 per serving


< $1.80 per serving

Enjoy Gut Guardian in 60s or less


Pour into tall glass or shaker bottle, then add 8oz of water


Use electric whisk or shake until powder dissolves


Add ice for a refreshing gut-friendly treat

Gut Guardian vs Traditional Fiber

Not Your Average Fiber Mix

We use Jerusalem Artichoke, Chicory Root, & Acacia to deliver optimal digestive support. Our prebiotic fiber blend also helps to balance and restore your gut microbiome.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Say Bye to Tummy Discomfort

Support gut:

Nourish your microbiome with 4 billion live probiotics. These “good” bacteria are essential to your gut health, immunity, & energy.*

Poop more:

Improve regularity while also cleansing your colon. Unlike laxatives, Gut Guardian is a gentle way to increase bowel movement.*

Reduce bloating:

Our blend is packed with carminative herbs, which are shown to lessen bloating, gas, and tummy discomfort.*

Manage weight gain:

4g of fiber fill your digestive tract, helping to control your appetite and promote natural weight loss. Probiotics also aid in burning fat!*

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